Directly manufacture of Joss powder vietnam


1. What is Joss powder made from?

Natural incense raw material

Joss powder is powder form of dried Litsea bark and leaves (Litsea Glutinosa).

This is is fully cultivated harvested year round in central highland of Viet nam.

Joss powder agarbatti

Region of production and distribution

In particular, Vietnam central highlands of Gia lai is knows as largest

material resourse and main production area of Joss powder for both home and export incense production.

Therefore, The best quality and viscosity glue bark powder is associate with Joss powder Gia lai brand.

Beside, Some Neighboring production area such as : Kon tum, Binh dinh with lower quantity and quality.

Joss bark litsea bark
                          Joss bark litsea bark

2. How is Joss powder used?

Agarbatti Incense production

In the olden days, Joss powder is one of the important and indispensable incense raw materials for wide range production of agarbatti, incense sticks, Cone, Dhoop, Mosquito coils…

Mixing ratio of Joss powder
                       Mixing ratio of Joss powder

With natural adhesion, almost odourless, highly buring rate, People use to bind (binding powder) others incense powder such as : bamboo sticks, white wood powder, charcoal powder, onggok starch powder

In addition, the numerous adhesives on the market can directly affect the health of not only consumer but also the incense maker.

Therefore, natural sticky powder is always widely used because of its friendly properties, high viscosity, and easy to use.

Other uses and applications

The adhesive properties of Joss powder are also used in the production of animal feed.

In addition, This Litsea powder was found in feudal constructions, before being replaced by  artificial binders now days..

3. Type of natural binding powder

As mentioned, Joss powder is made entirely from litsea tree. So,

Wood bark glue powder
                              Wood bark glue powder

depending on percentage of bark and leave. There are several commonly used powder such as: Joss powder 36 cup, Joss powder 12 cup, Joss powder 18 cup.

The Joss (jigat) Powder of 36 cup (highest quality) are made from pure red bark. is also call Pure bark joss powder.
Beside, We can supply various assortments of Joss powder from low viscosity to very high quality as per client’s demand.

The key is customer’s requirements, we can adjust the production according to customer requirements, Customer’s specific formulas or specific types of incense, in order to ensure stability and bring the best quality output products.
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Synonyms: Jigat powder, Jiggit powder,  Litsea Glutinosa Powder, Vietnam wood glue, Maida lakdi powder, Maida lakdee, Chan gao mu jiang zi, Tallow Laurel powder, Tabu powder.

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