Coconut shell powder

Coconut shell powder
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Following are the uses of Coconut Shell Powder

· It is used as a raw material for Activated Carbon industries.

· It is extensively used as compound filler in the manufacture of Phenolic molding powder (Bakelite plastic) as a filler extender.

· It is used as a filler for synthetic resin glues.

· It is used successfully with specialized surface finishing liquid products (as and absorbent), Mastic adhesives, resin casting and bituminous products.

· It is used in heavy duty hand cleaner pastes as a mild abrasive.

· It can give a smooth and lustrous finish to moulded articles, and also improve their resistance to moisture and heat.

· In the Granular form, it is used as a Lost Circulation Material in Oil Well Drilling.

· It is used as a mild abrasive in shot blasting of delicate objects and of historic buildings.

· In Asia, it is widely used for the manufacture of insect repellent in the form of mosquito coils and also in Agarbathies, due to its long and uniform burning qualities.

· The product finds extensive use in plywood and laminated boards as a Phenolic extruder and as filler in synthetic resin glues.


· Since it has good durability characteristics, high toughness and abrasion resistant properties, it is suitable for long standing use. The shell is similar to hard woods in chemical composition, though lignin content is higher cellulose content is lower.

Specification of Coconut Shell Powder

1. Appearance : Brown Fine Powder

2. Sieve Analysis : 60 to 150 Meshes

3. Bulk Density : 0.6 ??? 0.75 g/cc

4. Moisture content @105°C: 2% max

5. Loss on drying @ 105°C : 8% (w/w) Max.

6. Ash content @ 900°C : 4% max