Coconut shell powder

Coconut shell powder ‘s Specification

We are mfr of Coconut shell powder for making mosquito coils raw material. Beside Joss powder, Coconut shell powder is one important raw material

Specification of Coconut Shell Powder
Eco-Friendly: Yes 
Handmade: No 
Bundling Type: bags 
Virtue (%): 100% 
Usage: For making Agarbatti 
Fragrance: Mogra, Rose
Features: High-quality, Hygienically prepared, Eco benevolent 
We are occupied with offering a quality affirmed scope of Incense Coconut Shell Powder.

Following are the uses of Coconut Shell Powder
It is used as a raw material for Activated Carbon industries.
It is extensively used as compound filler in the manufacture of Phenolic molding powder (Bakelite plastic) as a filler extender.
It is used as a filler for synthetic resin glues.
It is used successfully with specialized surface finishing liquid products (as and absorbent), Mastic adhesives, resin casting and bituminous products.
In Asia, it is widely used for the manufacture of insect repellent in the form of mosquito coils and also in Agarbatti, due to its long and uniform burning qualities.