Gia lai – largest sources of Joss powder

Vietnam central highland of Gia lai is by far the[kkstarratings]of domestics and internationally traded Joss powder.

Glutionsa tree growing has been a long term business in Gia lai province. This plant fits well in the local climate and basaltic soil.

it’s a great advantage to the viscosity of the Joss Powder from Litsea bark which plant in Gia lai province is higher than in any other religion.

There are more than 2,400 ha of Litsea in the district.
At present, There are more than 2,400 ha of Litsea in the district of Chu pah, mainly in the communes of Ia Phi, Ia Khol, Ia Mo Nong, Hoa Phu and Phu Hoa Town. harvesting about 100 hectares for income up to over 10 billion

but in the future, red berry will have a brand and a plant Rich people in the district of Chu Pah in particular and Gia Lai province in general.
At the same time the district also implemented the necessary procedures to propose to the Department Science and Technology recognizes the brand of Litsea in Chu Pah district, in line with the brand name of Chu Se.

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