Joss powder 6 Cups

Joss powder 6 Cups
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Joss powder 6 cups

Joss powder 6 cups is made from Bark and Leaves of Litsea glutinosa tree.

After Litsea bark and leaves are harvested and dried, They are mixed in a certain proportion.

If pure bark joss powder, Is most usual grade powder for making Incense Sticks, Joss powder 6 cups is most usual for making mosquito coils.


Joss powder 6 cups is used as binding powder in Incense Sticks and Mosquito coils Production.

There have 2 ways to checking the quality of Joss powder 6 cups is by mixing ratio and by checking the viscosity by viscometer.

For mixing ratio, as usual, one cups of Joss powder 18 cups could mixing with 18 cups of others Incense raw materials.

For measure viscosity. The results reading as following:

Technical specifications
Viscotester: Portable Viscometer Rion VT-06
Technical specifications
Rotational speed: 62.5 rpm
Rotor No.2
Time: 3 minute

Viscosity : 250-300 cps

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