Maida lakdi powder export to Pakistan

What is Maida lakdi powder ?

Maida lakdi powder is using as binding powder for mosquito coils, incense sticks in Pakistan.
is made completely from red bark leave of Litsea Glutinosa tree in central highland of Viet nam where have best quality in Việt nam.
Our Factory based on Central highland of Viet nam where supply a stable and large quantity of Litsea Glutinosa bark. Therefore, we are very confident that we could provide directly the superior quality Joss powder /maida lakdi powder export to Pakistan at very reasonable price for domestic and foreign market.

There are various qualities of Joss Powder, depending on percentage of bark and leaf of Litsea glutinosa. Such as:Joss powder 18 cups , Joss powder 12 cups., Joss powder 6 cups

The Joss (jigat) Powder of 36 cup (highest quality) are made from pure red bark. is also call Pure bark joss powder. We can supply various assortments of Joss powder from low viscosity to very high quality as per client’s demand.




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