Vietnam Makko powder export to USA

What is Vietnam Makko powder for Making Incense Sticks ?

Vietnam Makko powder  is the raw material for producing incense (agarbatti) and mosquito coils, is made completely from red bark leave of Litsea Glutinosa tree in central highland of Viet nam where have best quality in Vietnam.

Pasting and Corrugation Gum powder are used for the manufacture of Corrugated Box Manufacturing.

There are various qualities of Joss Powder, depending on percentage of bark and leaf of Litsea glutinosa. Such as:Joss powder 18 cups , Joss powder 12 cups., Joss powder 6 cups

The Joss (jigat) Powder of 36 cup (highest quality) are made from pure red bark. is also call Pure bark joss powder. We can supply various assortments of Joss powder from low viscosity to very high quality as per client’s demand.

Features of Agarbatti Binder powder

1.   High viscosity, environmental friendly, and save production cost
2.  Widely used in machine made and hand made incense stick, easy control

In addition , Besides natural adhesive powder,  Currently on the market there are chemical powders for adhesive.
However, these powders are heath harmful not only for the agarbatti manufacturer but also incense sticsk consumer.
In conclusion, natural- eco friendly binders powder are always best choose and widely used.
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Description powder adhesive

Brand: Original

Product origin: Vietnam

Product type: powder glue

Appearance powder adhesive: White powder, gray

Packing powder adhesive: 25 kg bag, 50 kg bag

Mixing ratio: 25 kg powder in 6.5 to 7.5 liters of water

Consumption: 3 or 4 kg/m2

Usable time after mixing with water: 3 hours

Method use powder adhesive:

To each 25 kg bag powder adhesive need to add 7 liters of water. You can mix the powder adhesive with water by an electric mixer (drill + blade).

The ratio is 1:4 (1kg perfect gum powder Cold to 4 liters of Water). Take water in a container and stir it with a stirrer at 900-rpm. While the stirring is in progress, add Smil-o-Cold gradually into the vertex of water formed by stirrer.The Smil-o-cold to water ratio may however, be changed to ensure required viscosity depending on the gsm, quality of paper and single facer or double backer bonding.

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