Joss powder

Synonyms: Jigat powder, Jiggit powder,  Litsea Glutinosa Powder, Vietnam wood glue, Maida lakdi powder, Maida lakdee, Chan gao mu jiang zi, Tallow Laurel powder, Tabu powder.

What’s Joss powder?

Joss powder

Joss (Tabu) powder is made completely from red bark leave of Litsea Glutinosa tree ( Litsea tree)
Litsea tree is an industrial crop that is cultivated and harvested year round in central highland of Viet nam. 

Using Joss powder

With a strong adhesive force, Joss powder is natural binde, can enhance the bending force. This incense powder is most important raw material for wide range production of agarbatti, incense sticks, Cone, Dhoop, Mosquito coils.

In addition, This Litsea powder was found in feudal constructions, before being replaced by  artificial binders nowdays.

In particular, the numerous adhesives on the market can directly affect the health of not only the incense maker but also the users.
Therefore, natural sticky powder is always widely used because of its friendly properties, high viscosity, and easy to use.

Type of Joss powder

There are various qualities of Joss (Jigat) Powder, depending on percentage of bark and leaf of Litsea glutinosa.

Therefore, The Joss (jigat) Powder of 36 cup (highest quality) are made from pure red bark. is also call Pure bark joss powder.
Beside, We can supply various assortments of Joss powder from low viscosity to very high quality as per client’s demand.


The following table is a Joss powder’s specification for reference:

01 Appearance Joss Powder
02 Color Bright Brown
03 Purity Min 95%
04 Raw material Litsea glutinosa bark
05 Use Incense sticks, Mosquito coil..
06 Mesh Size 80 (%) Min 95.00
07 Moisture Content (%) Max 10
08 Viscosity (Rion- VT 06) Depend on type of powder

Features of Agarbatti Binder powder

1.   High viscosity, environmental friendly, and save production cost
2.  Widely used in machine made and hand made incense stick, easy control

In addition , Besides natural adhesive powder,  Currently on the market there are chemical powders for adhesive.
However, these powders are heath harmful not only for the agarbatti manufacturer but also incense sticsk consumer.
In conclusion, natural- eco friendly binders powder are always best choose and widely used.
Please contact us for best quality and offers of incense raw material.

Process of Manufacturing using Joss powder

Agarbatti Powder form are mixed well in the proper proportion with water to semi-solid paste. This paste is applied to bamboo sticks by Agarbatti stick machine or hand- roll incense making.
The raw sticks are then dried by sunshine or dried incense machines and packed in suitable bundles.

Packing & Delivery

  1. Packing: Plastics woven bags of International export standard of 30-40-50- jumbo bags or as customer’ requirement.
  2. Loadability:  Depend on Weight of bags
                           18 -20 tons per 20″ FCL
                           26-28 tons per 40″ FCL
  3. Delivery: By Sea, Air

    Joss powder
    Joss powder

Our Factory based on Central highland of Viet nam where supply a stable and large quantity of Litsea Glutinosa bark. Therefore, we are very confident that we could provide directly the superior quality Joss Powder at very reasonable price for domestic and foreign market.
If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

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