Litsea tree ( Litsea glutinosa tree, boi loi tree)


  1. Botany characteristics of Litsea tree Litsea tree ( Litsea glutinosa tree, boi loi tree)

1.1. Litsea tree body, brachese and barks

Body and branches of Litsea Litsea red is a missed tree, can be up to 25 – 30m high, 40 – 60cm in diameter, straight body, small and small canopy.

Litsea ‘s trunk has a clear main stem, straight, the height under the branches is usually 2/3 of the height soaring.

Under the body of Litsea tree there are many buds in the sleeping state, after cutting to exploit these shoots, there is a very strong regeneration capacity.

The bark of Litsea red when young, has a light green or dark green color, turns brown or dark brown, rough and slightly rough, the bark is usually 1-2cm thick, the bark is less clear, contains more viscous mucus. and stick.
The bark of Litsea is the most valuable part of the tree.


1.2. Litsea leaves

The leaves are staggered, often clustered at the tip, the leaf size varies according to the variety and the external conditions.

Petiole hairy; The leaves are tough, hard to beat, hard to crush, when the crusts produce mucus. The leaves are dark green, the upper surface is glossy, the underside is lightly yellowish, the veins are prominent on both sides, the petioles are 2-3cm long, the young leaves are pinkish.

litsea leaves

2. About the economic value of Litsea tree

Litsea planted after 5-7 years can be harvested from 5-10 kg of bark tree depending on the growing conditions of the place of planting. After harvesting the tree can regenerate shoots many times without replanting.

Litsea bark contains aromatic essential oil, extracted to get essential oils used in medicine, making fragrances, materials for industrial adhesives, paints, medicinal herbs …

In the past, Litsea’s bark was exploited mainly as an adhesive in making incense, agarbatti for burning,
nowadays Litsea’s bark, stem and leaves are also mixed into raw materials for making plywood.

Litsea timber can be used to make household furniture, as paper materials.

3.2. The medicinal value of Litsea tree

Litsea leaves and bark are used as a folk medicine,
Some remedies from Litsea as following:

Sprains, hematoma injuries, Treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, Headache.