What is Mixing Ratio of Joss powder

The Mixing ratio of Joss powder is  the appropriate mix formula between joss powder and other incense raw materials. Depending on the formula of each incense type incense like Vietnam incense, India incense, Dhoop, Cones, That have different mixing ratios. The Mixing ratio can be measured in kilograms or in cups. The higher the percentage of litsea bark … Read more What is Mixing Ratio of Joss powder

What is Joss powder?

What is Joss powder? Other Common name Litsea Glutinosa powder (Red incense powder, Tabu powder, Gum resin, Machilus powder, kobuak powder) Joss /Jigat powder is a herbal/botanical product derives from 100% natural red or dark brown bark of the Litsea Glutinosa Tree – all natural, no fillers. It is also known as Jiggat powder or Tabu … Read more What is Joss powder?

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