(Common name: Tapioca Fiber, Tapioca Residue, Cassava Residue Powder)
Onggok Starch Powder is made from the residue of tapioca obtained during extraction of starch from the root of the tapioca plant.
Tapioca Waste Powder is a natural ingrediente it can be used as a binder in mosquito coils industries. Tapioca waste powder can be used in food and Non Food industries. For food industries such as sweetener, glucose, pharmaceutical. For Non Food Industries such as textile, papers, plywood ETC.

Tapioca Waste  (Onggok Starch) Powder is widely use in mosquito coils industries as a binder, it has a special characteristic in terms in stickiness and with the fineness of powder up to 80 mesh is a perfect blend for mosquito coils industries. We have been export to China, India, Pakistan, Sri lanka,Bangladesh

Main Features

1) Tapioca waste powder viscosity range from 40,000 cps, 50,000 cps, 60,000 cps, 70,000 cps, 80,000 cps, 90,000 cps, 100,000 cps

2) Tapioca waste powder is widely used in mosquito coils industries

3) Tapioca waste also can be used in animal feed, such as cows, sheep feeds

onggok starch powder tapioca residue
onggok starch powder tapioca residue

4) Fineness is 80 mesh


Colour: White cream
Moisture (max) : 13%
Admixture (max) : 1%
Odour: Nature smell.
Processing Type: Grinded
Mesh size 80: 95% min
Viscosity (min) :7cps
Colour: White cream

Moreover,  To maintain stable quality, We entirely tried on assorted Tapioca Waste Powder quality parameters.

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Accurate formulation
  • Low smoke and soothing fragrance

Packing & Delivery

Packing: 50 kgs/ Jute bags or as Customer’s requirement
Container capacity: 18 MT/20FT; 28MT/40HQ

Features of Agarbatti Binder powder

1.   High viscosity, environmental friendly, and save production cost
2.  Widely used in machine made and hand made incense stick, easy control

In addition , Besides natural adhesive powder,  Currently on the market there are chemical powders for adhesive.
However, these powders are heath harmful not only for the agarbatti manufacturer but also incense sticsk consumer.
In conclusion, natural- eco friendly binders powder are always best choose and widely used.
Please contact us for best quality and offers of incense raw material.

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