What is Joss powder?

What is Joss powder?

Other Common name Litsea Glutinosa powder (Red incense powder, Tabu powder, Gum resin, Machilus powder, kobuak powder)

Joss /Jigat powder is a herbal/botanical product derives from 100% natural red or dark brown bark of the Litsea Glutinosa Tree – all natural, no fillers. It is also known as Jiggat powder or Tabu powder.

Due to its strong viscosity & adhesive properties it is used as binding material in Fragrance Sticks and Mosquito Repellent Coils manufacturing industry.

What makes joss powder so special is:
1.) Its water soluble adhesive properties (for use in making incense sticks and cones)
2.) An almost odorless characteristic that seems to be entirely lost when mixed and burned with other ingredients
3.) Its abilities to burn smoothly and evenly.

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